The modern way of organising a Spy Party from your home,
guaranteed to be a success!

Now you can choose between having a Spy:Co mission
in English or in Swedish!

The most thrilling, unique and educational spy party for both girls and boys between 6 and 11 years old. Live contact during the spy party with Octagon - Head of Spy:Co!
Available all over the UK and Sweden.

The complete Spy:Co
package is sent to you. All you have to do is hide the 10 envelopes. You draw/print a map that shows where the children will look for the clues (you can be in/outdoors). Included in the package:

•  An Agent manual book for each child
•  A sheet with the suspects
•  10 question cards in numbered envelopes with ready clues...
•  Cool movie links
•  Thrilling Audio links
•  Live contact with Octagon - Head of all Spy:Co agents!
•  An easy parent (organiser) manual

You can have the birthday party at home, in the garden, in a park, in a private venue or just in the neighborhood where you live - easy! 

 You also have the possibility to print out and use Spy:Co's
designed Spy party invitation!
After the Spy Party, a "Spy:Co Diploma" can be printed out and given to all new agents!